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I purchased this dress for my 11 year old neice to wear to her sister’s Sweet 15 b-day party. I was trying to find something white with red accents but different from the style that her sister was wearing. This dress is absolutely gorgeous… everyone loved it!!
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wedding dress plus size Reports

This dress is beautiful and flows wonderfully. I would advise anyone who will be around babies or children to beware. I had my neice and daughter with me and my dress got progressively worse. Water marks, drool marks, wet fingers grabbing my skirt. By the end of the night, the dress was a wreck. Save this one for adult only parties! The fit was wonderful and it comes with a scarf to save your shoulders being bare.
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Great wedding dress vintage Publications

The dress came about four days after I had ordered it, but it came about two days after they actually shipped the product. Very fast! I didn’t think it would get to my house until next week!

After reading other people’s reviews on various products that they’ve purchased from this seller, I was a little skeptical about the sizing… When I pulled the dress out of the packaging, it looked like it wouldn’t fit me at all… But I realized that there was a corset-like tie up in the back and I loosened it so it would fit me. It was a perfect fit! The only complaint I have about the dress is that it slips. It’s strapless, and it slips off from my bra… But I haven’t worn many dresses in my life, so I assume all I have to do is go buy some dress tape.

They didn’t have a picture for the colour I was ordering, but I took a chance. I pictured it to be a little darker and more of a lucious red, but it’s bright red. It may not be exactly what I was expecting, but the dress is beautiful! Like I said before, I haven’t worn many dresses in my day, so I wouldn’t know the difference in quality in material… but the material is OK for the price. It’s not completely cheap, but it’s not the best. Perfect for the price.

Another downside is that if you aren’t used to wearing corsets, it could become uncomfortable. I wear corsets all of the time, so I’m okay. But it still pokes at you under your arms and it can be annoying.

Overall, I am very pleased with my dress. I may or may not come back to this seller… It all depends on when I’ll need to wear a dress again. But I will enjoy my prom thanks to PacificPlex. :)
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maternity wedding dress Reports Blog

I have used the bra extenders since my third week of pregnancy. They have really extended the life of my bras and offered much needed relief during my pregnancy. I ordered the two hook extenders and they don’t match up well to my two hook bras, so I would recommend one hook extenders. Overall, a great product.
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