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This dress is beautiful and flows wonderfully. I would advise anyone who will be around babies or children to beware. I had my neice and daughter with me and my dress got progressively worse. Water marks, drool marks, wet fingers grabbing my skirt. By the end of the night, the dress was a wreck. Save this one for adult only parties! The fit was wonderful and it comes with a scarf to save your shoulders being bare.
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maternity formal wear Free Significant Hint

I never buy clothing of any kind for my wife as she has very specific things she likes. I took a chance on this, and she loves it. Very good value for the money.
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I have used the bra extenders since my third week of pregnancy. They have really extended the life of my bras and offered much needed relief during my pregnancy. I ordered the two hook extenders and they don’t match up well to my two hook bras, so I would recommend one hook extenders. Overall, a great product.
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