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I love this product. It’s a must have when you are between regular clothes and maternity clothes or if you’re tall since most maternity shirts aren’t quite long enough when you really start to show. I like it better than other belly band and bella bands because it is made out of cotton like a t-shirt, others are polyester.
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trendy maternity Photo and Review

If you are looking for nursing bras online you no doubt have been underwhelmed at the selection available, especially if you wear a larger cup size. I only wish I would have tried this bra sooner! First, I was SO glad to finally find a nursing bra in an H cup that wasn’t white!!!!! The microfiber is great and seamless, and dries super quickly after washing. I found this bra to be very true to size, I am between bandsizes and wish I would have ordered one band size down, just so it would be a little more snug. Overall, this is a great nursing bra, lightweight, supportive, and well fitting. I highly recommend it!
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