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  1. hey id b very carefull geting them online…
    only saying my friend is geting married on feb 14th n she ordered her special dress online around 6mnths ago along with the bridesmaids dresses…it was alot cheaper then in the shops,the bridesmaid dreses cme 2weeks ago but her wedding dress ddnt…n she rang then 2days after to see where it was,n they made the wrong dress..!!!!! so she cldnt have it…coz it wldnt of been remade again intime for the wedding….
    so just be very carful if u buy online….

  2. They have a few dresses that have black as a color option.

    Look at prom dresses and bridesmaids dresses as well.

    If you see a dress you like look for it on here
    May get it cheaper. The dress I want is cheaper on that website. I’m afraid of buying something that expensive over the internet though.

  3. you may try this website.you can choose any color include Black wedding dress,you send pics to them,they can according to your styles,request,color and size custom-made for you.
    the price is reasonable,the quality is very good!
    i hope it can help you.good luck!

  4. Unless you want a really formal, fancy looking dress, you could get a bridesmaids dress. Most of them come in black.

  5. if you taste runs to the more black or gothlike there is a formal store online called it has several formals in black and black red or black purple combos.

    good luck..

  6. I can make one for you through my company, we can send you pictures of ones we’ve done before so you can see quality. Give us a try for a quote at least,
    I hope i can help.

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