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  1. verymerryseamstress.com you can give them pictures of a dress, tell them what you would like changed or to stay the same, and they will make it for you!!!!

    Also, you can check out houseofbrides.com they have a very wide veriety of wonderful wedding dresses that are all marked down like at least 30% or so!!!! MAybe I can help you find one on there….

    I’m not sure if this one is a corset, the back isn’t showing.
    this is a corset, kinda different. There is no black or silver, but if you had the dress made it could be an example!

    I’m sorry I couldn’t help any firther, just browse around on that site and there’s bound to be something to what you are looking for! Huge selection!

    Good luck, and congratulations!

  2. Here are a few programs for creating a wedding dress. I am sure that you could have someone make it for you for a good price:,,c19l2h8c,00.html

  3. how much are you looking to spend if you dont mind me asking….are you thinking along the lines of mideivil/ rennicaince? that is right up my alley i will look for something and get back to you….

    if money is no object theres this place but a little too expensive for me LOL

    this is cheaper and sooooo pretty i love this style i wish i had realised they did this kind of stuff when i got married

    one last site these should keep you busy for a while…

  4. you can go to this site check that,their dress all custom-made,you can tell them your require.
    good luck!

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