Where can i find a cute maternity dress for a wedding?

leahpar77 asked:

Hi there,
My sister in law just got engaged and i’m looking for stores – whether online or not – that have really cute maternity dresses for a wedding. It will be pretty formal, so Id like to find something that’s beautiful but also keep it from breaking the bank. Thanks!

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  1. a pea in the pod has Maternity Evening Dresses – not so sure about the ‘not breaking the bank’ part, though.

    and Nordstrom.com

  2. This site has some cute dresses, and not terribly expensive. I’ve been looking, too- my husband’s brother is getting married about 2 weeks before the baby’s due… LOL. They’d just better have some good food, is all I’m saying! :-)

  3. Have a look into maxi dresses- and look in non maternity stores for them!
    They make great maternity formal wear if you get a solid colour or a formal looking pattern (think paisley). I lived in my maxi dresses in the last part of my pregnancy and the ones with the lower and crossover necklines are actually good for breastfeeding too!

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