What is a good store for maternity clothing (dress clothes especially)?

Confuzzed asked:

I have multiple weddings coming up and cannot fit into my regular clothes now (5+ months preggo). I have maternity jeans but cannot for the life of me find maternity dress pants/slacks (black, gray etc.). I see them available online but I don’t want to order. I need to actually try them on in the store. What’s a good store? I live in a city so have a bunch of options but need some input. Thanks!

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  1. Motherhood maternity store! They are usually in malls. But Burlington Coat factory has a nice selection as well and is a bit cheaper than Motherhood maternity. Congratz on the baby!

  2. There’s a store called “Motherhood” and it has a lot of good options for a dressy occasion. Good Luck :)

  3. Motherhood is available in stores and online. Check online to see if there is one near you. Also Kohl’s has great stuff for formal maternity as well as Target.

  4. Motherhood Maternity, and Thyme Maternity are both good, although a little more on the expensive side

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