6 Replies to “Should I wear a maternity dress or t-shirt and sweat pants to come home from hospital after delivery?”

  1. I went with sweat pants so I didn’t have to worry about the underwear issue. Also, a little easier access for nursing with a t-shirt

  2. Wear whatever is most comfortable. It doesn’t matter all you will do is go from the room to the car. The sweatpants may put pressure on your abdomen, it you aren’t sore then wear them.

  3. Pack both and wear whatever works for your mood. You’ll wear undies and a pad if you need it, so it shouldn’t matter what bottoms you wear, whatever’s comfy for you at the time.

  4. I’d go for the sweat pants, just because I know I was comfy in mine when after I had my baby, make sure they’re nice and loose with a drawstring because you’ll still have a little belly. Also to be prepared for anything in case you end up having a csection which is what happened to me, my mother had bought me some underwear in a size up to stuff an ice pack in them because that’s what she did which ended up being great to put the pad in front of the incision. The main thing would be just to be comfortable :)

  5. First off, you will definitely still be bleeding when you come home from the hospital – that will last a few weeks. As for what to wear, unless you are having a party at your home and having lots of guests over, it does not matter at all what you wear. The only people that will see you are the nurses and whomever is at your home when you get there. Go for comfort. If you’d be more comfy in a dress, wear that. I wore pajama pants and a T-shirt home.

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