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  1. I had a family wedding and I got a cute dress at motherhood maternity. Check it out online.

  2. Motherhood maternity has some cute things, Target, and Belk have a nice selection of maternity clothing. I hope I could help, I wish you the best of luck on finding one!!!

  3. I got a very pretty one from old navy, they have some nice stuff. Also check ebay as well. There are great deals on there. If you have lots of mommy try Mimi maternity.
    mom of 3 :)

  4. Depending on how formal this wedding is:

    Target has some really cute ensembles for mommies-to-be.
    Macy’s has some nice stuff – some cruddy stuff too
    Maternity stores – depending on your area.

    You’ll likely feel better in a two piece, a nice top and skirt or nice pants. Maternity dresses are not for every body type. Some are more suited to short, and others to tall and lanky. Try them out!

    Good luck, have fun, and HAPPY BIRTHING!!!

  5. Depends on your size. If you’re plus sized anyway you’ll have to look on the net at sites like motherhood.com. If you’re a regular size, any maternity boutique will have appropriate wedding wear…..unless it’s your own wedding and then I’m not sure where to look.

  6. I buy most all of my maternity clothes at Old Navy. They have some really nice stuff for a decent price. I just got a nice dress for only $25. Its so cute…and it shows my little tummy….but not too much. So its a little big so I can grow into it as my tummy gets bigger. You can check them out at oldnavy.com

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