I have a wedding to go to in May and I will be 21 weeks. Do you think I will need a maternity dress?

nikou13 asked:

I want to look nice since this will be the first time I will be travelling home during my pregnancy. Will a maternity dress fit nice or will it be too big?

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  1. I was tiny when I got pregnant so by 21 weeks I had a nice bump but not enough for people to notice for sure. I still had my figure but only a rounded tummy. I got married at 12 weeks and fit in my wedding dress though I didnt gain weight by then so I’d say by 21 weeks you may want a maternity dress but not a huge one. Get one that’s fitted just a tad bigger than your current size. Really any dress would work because you shouldnt be THAT big by then, but it would show a little bump.

  2. You could probably just get a regular dress. I’m 22 weeks 3 days and I have a small bump, but not much.

  3. Every woman is different, but I had to wear maternity clothes at 21 weeks. We are not all the same size in the same months. Some women get really big during pregnancy and some hardly show at all. They have different sizes in maternity clothes, so some will be too big and some too small, you just have to try them on. There’s really no way to predict what size you will need when the time comes, so I think you should just wait until closer to time for the wedding to shop for the dress.

  4. If you’re lucky you won’t have to. For me, I was already in maternity clothes at 16 weeks!!

  5. Here is what I would do:

    Get a regular dress that has an empire waist or is a wrap style. KEEP THE TAGS ON and save your receipt! If you don’t like the way it fits you a week or two before the event, go to the maternity store and pick out a maternity dress and return the other one you bought.

    If you get a maternity dress now, and then don’t need it in May, you most likely won’t be able to return it. Most maternity stored have a pretty strict 14 or 30 day return policy to prevent people from buying maternity clothes when they’re 6 months pregnant and then returning them 3 months later when the baby is born and they don’t need them anymore.

    If you’re talking about a bridesmaid dress, I would order up at least one or two sizes and then have a fitting a week before the wedding. Let them know at the store that you are pregnant and ask them what they advise you to do. I’m sure you’re not the first pregnant bridesmaid they’ve ever had to fit. They’ll probably have a standard plan for women in your situation.

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