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I purchased this dress for my 11 year old neice to wear to her sister’s Sweet 15 b-day party. I was trying to find something white with red accents but different from the style that her sister was wearing. This dress is absolutely gorgeous… everyone loved it!!
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I bought this dress for my daughter whose graduation from secondary school is on this coming july. I Know I bought it in plenty of time but when you see a bargain you take it. It arrived over here to Ireland yesterday and it is fabulous. I would get nothing over here as good and for such a good price. I got it in the sale and when converted it cost 56 euro and 30 euro postage over. What a bargarin……. My daughter is trilled with it. The colour is fab the material is of high quality and the shape and make is fantastic. She also got a wrap for her shoulders included in the price. Would highly recomend this dress for a school graduation,
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wedding dress plus Helpful Guide

The shirring at the waist doesn’t exist, and this dress shows every single contour of your body without doing anything to enhance or structure it. It is not flattering at all. I was very dissapointed.
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wedding dress sleeves Free Interesting Guide

This looks great on the model. If you are larger than a size 14 don’t purchase this little dress. The sizing is way off. If this was actually a plus size it would be great. The material is nice and the price is right. It it fit, I would have given it 5 stars.
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