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Many women have been contemplating their wedding day way before they even have an inkling of just who it is they will eventually say “I do” to, and much of that deep thinking has been focused upon how they will look and feel on their big day. Everything is given much consideration over all those years well before it is actually time to start making the actual wedding plans. For some girls dreaming of this day since as far back as they can remember, the focal point seems to be on her wedding gown on her day and in her very own unique style.

Picking out the wedding dress is definitely at the very top of list the new bride must decide upon and it is certainly not necessarily an easy one by any means, nor one that can be rushed. No matter what dress is picked, it should always be one in which the new bride will feel absolutely beautiful, stunning and elegant in. Whether that wedding dress is a simple beautiful white dress, a lacy one or even one with some color in it, it is really the attitude while she is wearing that dress that will show off her individuality, grace, confidence and stunning glowing beauty from within. Some say that picking out the wedding gown should be both fun and as stress-free as possible; let me guess this was spoken by a man! The bottom line is that the bride to be should indeed buy what makes her feel absolutely beautiful.

Once that very important decision has been made and the dress has been bought, the wedding day jewelry also plays a big part of the big wedding day. The jewelry needs to be bought by carefully matching it with the type of wedding dress, and must be chosen with careful attention, even as carefully as when the dress was chosen as they go hand in hand. Wedding jewelry sets that are not a perfect match for the wedding dress is not a good idea. More than likely a small amount of elegant jewelry will suffice while not overpowering the wedding dress.

If you have decided upon a strapless wedding gown, there are actually many ideas for the bride’s jewelry necklace. One expert suggests that a bridal choker is a perfect way to enhance the beauty of the line of the top of the dress. A choker brings a nice touch which when added to a pearl bridal sparkly choker, a beautiful strapless gown is both elegant and quite sophisticated. A strapless wedding gown is perfect for showing off both the neck and shoulders and bringing out all of the bride’s beauty.

Suzanne OConnor is the happy owner of which features affordable wedding jewelry sets for everyone in the bridal party including bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride and more. Customer service is available through Live Chat or telephone at 888-599-1931.



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This looks great on the model. If you are larger than a size 14 don’t purchase this little dress. The sizing is way off. If this was actually a plus size it would be great. The material is nice and the price is right. It it fit, I would have given it 5 stars.
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Although the suit isn’t very attractive or flattering, I wanted a cheap, simple suit with shoulder straps rather than a halter strap (very uncomfortable). The suit is pretty much just very basic but very comfy. So if you’re after style this isn’t for you. Practicality & comfort are it’s top points.
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I ordered a bella band from you about a month ago and have never received it. Can you please contact me to let me know what is going on?
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If you are looking for nursing bras online you no doubt have been underwhelmed at the selection available, especially if you wear a larger cup size. I only wish I would have tried this bra sooner! First, I was SO glad to finally find a nursing bra in an H cup that wasn’t white!!!!! The microfiber is great and seamless, and dries super quickly after washing. I found this bra to be very true to size, I am between bandsizes and wish I would have ordered one band size down, just so it would be a little more snug. Overall, this is a great nursing bra, lightweight, supportive, and well fitting. I highly recommend it!
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