Wedding dress?

mccray_51 asked:

Does anyone have a suggestion of a website for wedding dresses that are not WHITE. My sister and I are planning a double wedding for ourselves. We are middle aged, it is our 2 nd marriage for both. We are unable to find decent dresses that are not white. We’ve looked at wedding gowns, bride maids dresses and mother of the bride outfits. Please advise

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What is a good store for maternity clothing (dress clothes especially)?

Confuzzed asked:

I have multiple weddings coming up and cannot fit into my regular clothes now (5+ months preggo). I have maternity jeans but cannot for the life of me find maternity dress pants/slacks (black, gray etc.). I see them available online but I don’t want to order. I need to actually try them on in the store. What’s a good store? I live in a city so have a bunch of options but need some input. Thanks!