It’s exciting to plan for a big evening out. Maybe you’ve been invited to a formal evening wedding and reception or a formal holiday party. Maybe you’ll be the guest at a party for an important businessperson or politician. Whatever your formal evening event, you want to be sure that you outshine every other women there! If you wear plus size clothes, your first step is to start shopping for formal plus size dresses.

Fortunately, the number of beautiful formal plus size dresses to choose from is mind-boggling. You can find lovely dresses in an array of styles, price ranges, colors and shapes, so you’ll be sure to find one that you absolutely love and feel great wearing. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for finding a great formal plus size dress:

*      There are lots of nice specialty stores for plus-sized women. They will offer plus size formal dresses that are perfect for your shape, size and curves.
*      Most department stores offer clothes in plus sizes as well as regular sizes, so don’t forget to shop at your favorite department stores as well as the specialty stores.
*      Start your search for the perfect dress early – don’t wait until the last minute. If you find a dress you like, but not in your size, see if it can be special ordered. There’s a good chance that it can be.
*      Take a trusted friend with you when you go shopping. Sometimes it helps to have another point of view when it comes to which styles and colors are most complementary.
*      Stick with fabrics that are more matte and less shiny. Shiny fabrics tend to show every detail of what lies beneath. They’re even risky for the slimmest of women.
*      Look for dresses in shapes that are most complimentary to women with lots of curves. These are the A-Line, Empire, Princess and Ball Gown shapes.
*      Try formal plus size dresses on with smoothing undergarments. You’ll get a better idea of how you will look on the big night if you try the dress on with the kind of undergarments you will most likely wear with the dress.
*      Choose your dress in a color that compliments your skin tone and hair color. Larger women don’t have to wear only black.
*      Choose a color and style that reflects your personality. Add some accessories to complete the look.

In planning for a special evening out, your first move is to choose the right dress. If you’re a voluptuous woman, formal plus size dresses will be your first stop in shopping for everything you need to make yourself really shine.

Take lots of time to find your dress and plan your look, right down to the last accessory and the color of your nails. Enjoy the experience of shopping for and choosing your perfect dress, and then enjoy the experience of being the most gorgeous woman there!